Seaview Ornamental Will Defraud You DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SEAVIEW ORNAMENTAL. They will scam you just as they scammed us.

Seaview Ornamental Scam

Seaview Ornamental is a store located in the Birds and Animal Market in the Sharjah Markets just outside of Dubai in the UAE.


This is a company who protrays themselves as exporters of marine fish (primarily from the Red Sea, but also with access to fish from East Africa).  They work with a person who goes under the name Mr. Freeman, or also under the name Mr. Kashimawo.  Mr Kashimawo will portray himself as an exporter, will provide stocklists, pro forma invoices, etc. under the pretense that he will send you marine fish once you prepay your proforma invoice (a common practice in the industry).

Mr. Kashimawo will not send fish.  He directs you to send funds to the accounts of Seaview Ornamental, but no fish are ever sent.  Seaview Ornamental does not deny this to be true.  We sent funds to Seaview Ornamental to prepay our invoice, and were frauded.  No fish were ever sent, nor will they ever be.

Below are the excerpts from our emails from Mr. Roshan Dsouza, an acknowledged representative of Seaview Ornamentsal:

“Truly said that Mr. Freeman (Kash) is not associated with our company. He was in business with Pets 4 US and we were like agents for him to send and receive fish to anywhere he tells us and pays money for. He was also using our quarantine facility for the purpose. But again he does not belong to our company. We have also stopped doing business for him because he owes us too.

Your payment was received and handed over to Freeman (Kash) because as we know the money was sent for him to buy fish for you and not us, since we had no email correspondence.
I am sorry Brent for what has happen to you and sympathize for it, in the mean time i will get in contact with freeman so called kash and get him in contact with you.

Thanks & Regards
Rosh Dsouza
Manager Operations “

Needless to say, we have never again heard from Mr. Freeman/Mr. Kashimawo.

Seaview Ornamental receives the funds through their UAE bank account, but do not be deceived.  Although they are in a reputable country, this is not a reputable company.  They perpetuate a scam, and have defrauded us and many more.

Here is a link to their facebook page, feel free to share your thoughts with them.

We sent a deposit to Seaview, and they have no intention of reimbursing our deposit or sending our order.  Do not fall for this trick.  Do NOT do business with Seaview Ornamental LLC.